About Knopf Honey

Knopf Honey is produced in New Zealand by a family owned business.
We sell a range of products, from Multiflora honey to premium grade Mānuka honey.


Environmental sustainability is crucial.  We not just sustain but we actively improve the environment, with bee numbers steadily increasing in New Zealand.


We produce, have full control of the packing, and self-test all of our honey, offering complete traceability from hive to honey jar.  This unique process allows us to produce some of the finest Mānuka honey in the world.

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Knopf Honey is a family operated business spanning three generations.  We take pride in bringing good health and well-being, from our family to yours.

from our family to yours

Knopf Honey is produced in New Zealand by a Swiss family.

When Raphael Knopf moved to New Zealand from Switzerland in 2002 he instantly fell in love with New Zealand’s rugged, pure landscape.  He developed a sense of belonging with the people of New Zealand and their sustainable farming systems, which included bush covered land that was home to abundant Mānuka.

The idea of harvesting precious Mānuka honey from such a fragile ecosystem was born in 2009, and with the help and hard work of Raphael’s family, who are still based in Switzerland, Knopf Honey is now harvested, packed and distributed to conscious consumers across the globe.

Raphael (pictured with his son Alexandre) runs the beekeeping and production arm of the business in New Zealand.  The timing and precision involved when harvesting the Mānuka honey from such remote parts of New Zealand, with the environment generating its own daily challenges, are all taken in stride by Raphael and his team of loyal beekeepers.

Back in his homeland of Switzerland, his parents Jean-Baptiste and Jacqueline Knopf, sisters Cindy Oberson-Knopf and Laurence Fragnere, together with their families, take care of the worldwide distribution and marketing of the honey.

So from our family to yours, we invite you to share in our honey, enjoy good health and spread the word far and wide.



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