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Knopf Honey Ltd is a locally based Beekeeping company, specialising in Manuka Honey, located in the Rangitikei township of Hunterville.  We produce a high quality range of honey from our hives. 

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Our Products 

Knopfhoney Ltd produces a full range of honey – from clover to bush honey and varying grades of Manuka.  Every Batch can be traced back to the original source hives.  This process is audited through Assure Quality to ensure it meets the standard set out in our Risk Management Plan.

Our focus for 2019 is to produce 100%, synthetic treatment free, honey.

Manuka Honey

New Zealand Manuka honey’s unique qualities ensure there will a market locally and internationally for the foreseeable future.

Bush Honey

From 2019, we are very proud to use only organic treatments against varroa [a parasitic mite that attacks bees].”

Clover Honey

clover honey is made by bees that feed mainly on the nectar of the clover plant. Honey contains a small amount of protein and other nutrients including iron, potassium and some B vitamins.