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Working in the honey business is “Sweet As”!

Knopf Honey

The Bee Team 

One of the many Knopf Honey “Bee Teams” at the end of a long harvest season.

The bee keeping teams get to see the most amazing views most days and get to enjoy the challenges that working in such remote areas present.

All in a Day

The remote locations of some of our Sites often require helicopter support to place or relocate the hives.

“Flying over a white cloud of Manuka is just amazing” 

Below, Cyril Dogsol Cabat (Beekeeper), 
It takes a team to realise the dream.

I find bees themselves fascinating how they work together and the different roles they play within their colony much like a community or even a family.  Except they are way more “functional”!  I love being part of a tight team and that’s pretty much how we roll here at Knopf Honey.

Sarah Spicer (Plant Technician)

Our Location

7 Milne Street Hunterville

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