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Working in the honey business is “Sweet As”!

Our People

Bee Team Tonia

Tonia Johnson and her team at the end of a long harvest season.

“I am very much an outdoor girl.  I get to see the most amazing views most days.  I love the challenges that working in such remote areas present and also the variation of the work I do”

Tonia Johnson (BEE Team Leader)
All in a Day

The remote locations of some of our Sites often require helicopter support to place or relocate the hives.

“Flying over a white cloud of Manuka is just amazing” says Tonia Johnson.

Below, Cyril Dogsol Cabat (Beekeeper), 
It takes a team to realise the dream.

I find bees themselves fascinating how they work together and the different roles they play within their colony much like a community or even a family.  Except they are way more “functional”!  I love being part of a tight team and that’s pretty much how we roll here at Knopf Honey.

Sarah Spicer (Plant Technician)

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